The Staff and volunteers of the Starr Library and dedicated to providing you with the best library experience possible. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Library Director:

Stephen Cook

Assistant Director and Children’s Librarian:

Brooke Stevens

Circulation Manager:

David Wanzer

Campaign Manager:

Dagmar Yaddow

Publicity and Public Relations and Programming:

Nan Jackson

Children’s Programming:

Maryann Larson


  • Mary Quinn
  • Helen Harwood
  • Merrill Mishaan



  • Janet Kettler
  • Dona McLaughlin
  • Mary Olivere
  • Mary Sipperley
  • Mary Quinn
  • Janet O’Brien
  • Betty Lou Bautz


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer here at the Starr Library, please contact Director Steven Cook at 876-4030.