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Books Seemingly Everyone Has Read

There are some books that everyone has read — or so it seems. Here are six books that Carol Urban and almost all of her family and friends have read and loved. If you haven’t read them yet, you’ve got some satisfying reading ahead of you!

Book Recommendations from Friends of the Library

This month, two Friends of the Library share their recommendations. Known for their excellent taste (our book sales are unparalleled – the first one of this year is next month, on April 26th and 27th). You’ll find a grab bag of titles below.

March 2024

Books Featuring Unusual Narrators by Carol Urban

This month, we’re pulling off the shelf a half-dozen books that have just one thing in common: rather unusual narrators. Suspend disbelief and let a mountain lion, or a 15th century child ghost, or a fig tree tell you a wonderful story!

February 2024

2023 Best-Of List from Starr Library's Book Club

Starr Library’s Book Club read widely in 2023, from lesser-known works in translation to the books everyone seemed to be talking about. This month, some of our members offered reviews of their favorites from last year. If you’re interested in joining this group of engaged, smart, and thoughtful readers, send a note to

January 2024

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Bookish Podcast Recommendations by Carol Urban

Open the Podcast app on your smartphone or tablet, search on “books,” and you’ll find an almost infinite number of podcasts. Where to begin? Library patron Carol Urban (an avid book podcast listener) recommends some of her favorites. 

December 2023

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Book Recommendations Featuring Local Authors by Michelle Montalbano

This time, we put the spotlight on seven titles by local authors selected by our Program Director, Michelle Montalbano. Everyone on this list is bestselling, award-winning, acclaimed–and our neighbors.

November 2023

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Foodie Memoir Book Recommendations by Brooke Stevens

In which we bring you seven titles, all of which are foodie memoir favorites of our assistant director, Brooke Stevens!

October 2023

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Book Recommendations by Carol Urban

We bring you six titles of well-reviewed books about the too-often unsung heroes of the
world of books — Librarians!

September 2023

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