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Notes from Rhinebeck Historical Society
June 2024

Have you ever wondered about the history of a house in the Village? This month “From the Archives” discovers documents, maps, photographs and postcards featuring 23 Livingston Street, a residence whose history seems almost fictional. 

In 1901, the site at 23 Livingston Street became a hospital and home for the elderly with funding from The Thomas Thompson Trust. The history of 23 Livingston Street, Northern Dutchess Hospital and the Village of Rhinebeck would not have been the same without The Thomas Thompson Trust. Click the link below to discover the amazing story, the history of the Trust, and its impact on Rhinebeck. The rendering of 23 Livingston Street below was featured on the second page of Northern Dutchess Hospital A Century of Service 1903-2003.

Even more details describing the activities at 23 Livingston Street were included in the annual reports for 1914 and 1915. From caring for patients at 23 Livingston Street to visiting schools and homes, the medical facility known as the Thompson House Community Center was providing much needed services to the greater community.

Beginning in 1974, members of the Rhinebeck Historical Society began surveying the Village of Rhinebeck. Descriptions of this research and the formation of the Rhinebeck Village Historic District were included on this  map and the info page. Once confirming that #23 was within the historic district, a quick search displayed links to original and updated property information. The Building Structure Inventory Form from 1979 revealed that c. 1843 Lewis Marquardt was the builder, James Latson the joiner and John E. Giles the mason; the structure was considered a model house when it was built as a Lutheran parsonage. 

View the Building Structure Inventory Form for additional details. The Updated Building Structure Inventory Form dated 2012 included photos of the structures and a plaque to commemorate the one hundred years since it became a hospital.

Thompson House 1898 Residence of Dr. John Bronson.
Postcards of 23 Livingston St. Doris Hatschek Collection: Hospitals & Schools; Slide of Postcard; 1900s.
Doris Hatschek Collection: Hospitals & Schools; Slide of Postcard; 1900s

The history of 23 Livingston Street in the quaint village of Rhinebeck seemed almost fictional. What will I discover next? Read all about it next month in “From the Archives”.

From the Archives,
Researcher Bonnie Wood
June 2024

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