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Bookish Podcast Recommendations from Carol Urban

Open the Podcast app on your smartphone or tablet, search on “books,” and you’ll find an almost infinite number of podcasts. Where to begin? This month, library patron Carol Urban (an avid book podcast listener) recommends some of her favorites.

NPR’s Book of the Day

In need of a good read? Or just want to keep up with the books everyone is talking about? Catch today’s great books every weekday with this short (under 15 minutes), snappy podcast.

Writers & Company

This weekly CBC Radio podcast is hosted by the acclaimed writer and broadcaster Eleanor Wachtel. In her deep-dive conversations, Wachtel explores the lives, thoughts and works of remarkable writers from around the world.

The Book Case

Father and daughter team Charlie (retired host of GMA) and Kate Gibson share the joy of discovering a great book. Each week, they choose a current book they both have read and loved for their always lively conversations with authors.

So Many Damn Books

Brooklyn-based host Christopher Hermelin’s podcast is, simply put, a fun listen. Each month, to accompany his spirited banter with an author, Christopher creates a special cocktail inspired by the book under discussion. So, a doubly-spirited podcast!

BBC Bookclub

Listen in each month as acclaimed authors discuss their best-known novels in answer to wide-ranging questions from readers. At the end of each podcast, the next month’s book is announced — and listeners can send in questions.

Little Atoms

Each week, host Neil Denny asks authors the questions you’d ask if you had the chance. The conversations are insightful and always enlightening. A great way to discover books you might otherwise have missed.

The Book Review

The New York Times books editor and podcast host Gilbert Cruz varies the format from week to week: an author interview; recommendations from NYT book section staff; a discussion of publishing trends or eagerly anticipated upcoming releases.

The Ezra Klein Show

Not a bona fide books podcast, but twice a week, NYT Columnist Ezra Klein hosts wide-ranging conversations on topics shaping society in significant ways  — and, at the end, asks his interlocutor for three book recommendations.

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