bulletin board postings

The library will make available bulletin board and materials display space to fulfill its role as a source of community information.  Space is available under the following conditions:

1. Items displayed are restricted to local cultural/educational events or announcements from local non-profit groups.

2. Advertised events should occur within 30 days.

3. The library director or designee must approve all posters, flyers, and other such materials.  Final determination on the display of material will be determined by the library director in keeping with the library’s role as a source of community information.

4. The library will be allowed to retain copies of any materials posted or placed in the library for distribution.

5. Certain restrictions apply to the materials which are displayed.  Disallowed materials are those that do not fit within the library’s role as a source of community information, including, but not limited to:

  • Partisan political material
  • Petitions
  • Solicitations
  • Surveys

6. The library will not be responsible in any fashion or manner for any materials permitted to be displayed under this policy.

Adopted by Starr Library Board of  Trustees, May 17, 2004